Mitreyya, Goddess of Might, is one of the five Primordials. She has existed since the dawn of creation and—together with her brothers and sisters—forged the planes of existence. It was Mitreyya who brought elemental fire to the realms, and she is its primary source within the planes. She can use her dominion over fire to both create—as is the case with her children, Lareus and Votix—and destroy, particularly with the volcanic power of the earth.

Mitreyya is also the Goddess of Courage and Droughts.


As the Goddess of Might, Mitreyya is often associated with bodily strength, stamina, and the ability to wield power and resources effectively. She offers her blessings to the courageous and those seeking courage. She disdains cowardice and weakness, and droughts are often considered a consequence of her displeasure, with the goddess using them as a crucible to forge strength and resilience. Her command of the fire element and its destructive and transformative power continue to shape the planes of existence.

Mitreyya created the Plane of Fire, and it is here that her influence is strongest. Likewise, she has little influence over the Plane of Water, which was forged by her sister, Xelia, Goddess of the Seas and Storms.

Personification in the Splinterlands

Mitreyya appears most often as a beautiful female efreeti dressed in an off-the-shoulder robe trimmed in gold. She typically wears a golden choker, earrings, and a belt woven of golden silksteel. Her eyes are the color of flames.

Her symbol is a flaming palm.


At the dawn of creation, Mitreyya and her brothers and sisters created the planes of existence. Working as one, they forged the inner planes and saw that they were good. However, they soon fell to squabbling over the shape of these realms, but none were able to gain dominion over the others. And so each sought to forge new planes they could shape in their own image.

It was Mitreyya, along with her brother Ugnash, God of Earth, and her sister Xelia, Goddess of Seas and Storms, who created the outer planes.

As they did, Mitreyya noticed that, as Ugnash created the Plane of Earth, much of it was susceptible to her flames, and thus she set about creating the Plane of Fire so it would hold dominion over the Plane of Earth. So intent was she upon her work that she failed to realize Xelia had done the same, creating the Plane of Water so it held dominion over the Plane of Fire. When Ugnash realized what they had done, he reshaped the Plane of Earth so it would hold dominion over the Plane of Water.

Dismayed at his sisters’ betrayal, it was Ugnash who crafted the first offspring: his brothers from his flesh and his children from the earth. When Mitreyya saw this, she set about creating children of her own, believing they would at last allow her to gain dominion over the other Primordials. For the first, she shaped molten rock into a handsome man and named him Lareus. The second was born of fire itself: a naga she named Votix. But it was her firstborn, Lareus, she favored, showering him with gifts, affections, and everything he desired.

Alas, Lareus grew spoiled and turned to the mortal realms to seek additional love and pleasure, while Votix had become jealous of her brother and found her own pleasure in war and violence. The power Mitreyya envisioned children might bring never came to be, and she returned her attention to the inner planes, seeking once more to gain dominion over the other gods and goddesses there.

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