Drybone Anarchists

"Dust to Dominion."


Located in the desolate Drybone Badlands of the Wild Northeast, the Drybone Anarchists are notorious for ambushing travelers and raiding neighboring settlements for slaves and spoils. They dwell within a labyrinth of caves and tunnels known as Stonetown, at the center of which stands Drybone Citadel, a massive fortress etched into the sandstone backbone of the barren landscape. Beneath this intimidating citadel, an aquifer provides a reliable source of fresh water in an otherwise arid land.


The Drybone Anarchists espouse a stateless, lawless society devoid of any governing structure or coercive hierarchies. Yet, paradoxically, they are under the ruthless thumb of the Drybone Sultan, whose power is absolute. Beneath the Sultan’s sway, order gives way to anarchy, with no government, law enforcement, or military to impose discipline or structure. The rule is simple: anything goes, and chaos reigns supreme.

The Drybone Sultan rules not through legislation or diplomacy, but through fear, violence, and a display of overwhelming strength. His decrees are imposed by roving gangs of enforcers—a ragtag militia of the strongest, most brutal individuals who enjoy the Sultan's favor. It is a harsh and cruel system, an anarchic hierarchy where one's place is dictated not by law or tradition but by raw power and the ability to hold it.


The economy of the Drybone Anarchists is as ruthless and unforgiving as the desolate landscape they call home. It stands on a shaky foundation of raiding, looting, and enslavement, a constant cyclone of violent acquisition that keeps the crude machinery of their society churning. The raids provide not only wealth but also fresh blood for their slave ranks, ensuring a constant stream of labor for mining and construction.

Bartering forms the backbone of transactions in Stonetown, with water—the arid badlands' most precious commodity—acting as the primary medium of exchange. In the shadow of the Drybone Citadel, bustling black markets offer everything from scavenged magical goods to weapons and armor, most often in exchange for fresh water or valuable minerals.

Additionally, the Drybone Anarchists have managed to exploit the scant resources of their harsh environment. Deep within Stonetown's labyrinthine tunnels, slaves toil day and night to mine veins of precious metals and gems. These resources either enhance the Sultan's wealth or become war trophies and trinkets, their value acknowledged by their inherent worth rather than any societal convention.



Numerous races comprise the ranks of the Drybone Anarchists, and each brings unique abilities to the chaos that defines this volatile society. The dominant demographics include:

  • Hyaenans

  • Jackalans

  • Hobgoblins

  • Llamataurs

  • Quilliuns

  • Ogres


The Drybone Anarchists are absent churches and religious organizations. However, many pay tribute to war, strength, power, and the badlands they call home.


Living in the shadow of anarchy and under the rule of their Sultan, the Drybone Anarchists have formed a culture that reflects their environment—harsh, relentless, and unyieldingly cruel. It is a savage celebration of strength, survival, and the brutal simplicity of might makes right. Aesthetics, empathy, and refinement find little value in their society, discarded in favor of martial prowess, intimidation, and a survivalist mentality.

In the heart of Stonetown, the Drybone Coliseum—a brutal monument to their love for violence—stands tall. The gladiatorial combats held within its sand-strewn pit are not just a form of entertainment but a gruesome display of power, a chilling reminder of the thin line separating freedom from battle-worn slavery. However, the Arena Games continue to grow in popularity among the anarchists, and their coliseum has been officially sanctioned for tournaments and ranked battles. Now, more often than not, battle mages rather than slaves face off against one another upon the blood-stained sands at the center of the coliseum.

Despite their harsh lifestyle, the Drybone Anarchists have managed to carve out an existence in tune with their inhospitable environment. Their architecture, a blend of survivalist utility and brutal aesthetic, mirrors their adaptability and resilience. Amid the stone and dust of the badlands, they build, using the very bones of the earth to create dwellings, fortresses, and even temples dedicated to their gods and their ideals.

Their cuisine, much like their society, revolves around the primal necessity of survival. The harsh desert offers a diet rich of game meat, the taste of blood and iron a constant reminder of their relentless struggle. Water, the desert's most precious gift, remains a coveted drink, often traded and fought over. The harsh brew of nonaka, a spirit derived from a flowering cacti, offers a potent escape from the ruthless reality of Drybone society.

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