“Inferno’s grace.”


Situated amid the Lower Flats of the Great Lowlands, the city-state of Sha’ignas is a monarchy governed by absolute rule. At its helm, the cinder elven royal family of Sha’ignas and its king or queen exercise unchallenged authority.


At the core of Sha’ignas’s governance is the monarchy, with absolute power vested in the king or queen, who exercises authority over all aspects of governance, from high-level strategic decisions to mundane administrative tasks.

The Pyre Council is charged with advising the sovereign on executive, legislative, and judicial matters. It is divided into six chambers, each focusing on specific aspects of governance:

  • The Chamber of Embers oversees internal policies, public works, and the maintenance of order within Sha’ignas.

  • The Chamber of Flames is responsible for the training, equipping, and deployment of Sha’ignas's military.

  • The Chamber of Inferno manages diplomatic endeavors and trade agreements with other states and entities.

  • The Chamber of Ashes oversees the city-state's various trades, industries, and commerce.

  • The Chamber of Sparks is dedicated to the preservation of the cinder elves’ heritage, overseeing arts, education, and religious practices.

  • The Chamber of Blaze is responsible for advancing magical knowledge and incorporating it into daily life and defense strategies.

Despite being an absolute monarchy, there is an underlying democratic vein within Sha’ignas; each chamber of the Pyre Council is composed of elected representatives—artisans, warriors, magic users, and politicians who are experts in their respective field—from different classes of society, ensuring the consideration of a wide range of perspectives in governance. This structure fosters a sense of shared responsibility among the citizenry while still emphasizing the supreme rule of the king or queen.


The cinder elves of Sha’ignas have perfected the art of flameforging: a method of forging weapons, armor, and other crafts imbued with elemental fire. Flameforged items range from ornate sets of armor to delicate glass sculptures and are not only a source of pride but also a significant trade commodity.

Sha'ignas is also renowned for its fine wines mulled and fermented from its expansive vineyards, as well as its exotic spices. Along with its flameforged artifacts, these goods form the backbone of the city-state’s economy, and its bustling markets attract traders and connoisseurs from across Praetoria.



Sha’ignas’s citizenry is composed primarily of cinder elves who originally hail from the Smoldering Forest of the Burning Lands.


The cinder elves of Sha’ignas primarily worship Mitreyya, Goddess of Might, although many also pay tribute to Serathara, Goddess of the Wilderness.


Sha’ignas’s art and architecture is a blend of elegance and strength, with buildings that feature sharp angles and sweeping curves, often adorned with flame-like motifs and vibrant, warm colors.

Common themes in literature include passion, power, and transformation—-often told as parables that symbolize fire's dual nature of creation and destruction—while philosophy delves into concepts of inner strength, resilience, and the transient nature of life.

Dances and music are intense and passionate, with enough writhing, grinding, and twining of bodies to make even the most stoic of outsiders blush.

Sha’ignas cuisine is known for its rich, bold flavors and typically feature an array of heavy spices. Common dishes include stews, grilled meats and vegetables, and seasoned rice. The blaze bowl, a hearty stew made from slow-cooked meat (usually game or fowl) simmered in a broth infused with fiery peppers and aromatic spices, is a staple. Popular beverages include mulled wine and tea, which are believed to aid digestion and enhance the flavor of meals.

Sports and competitions test not just brute strength but also finesse in manipulating elemental fire. From obstacle courses to archery and crafting competitions to duels of magic and melee, these events are a reflection of the cinder elves' affinity with elemental fire and their cultural emphasis on skill and mastery over their environment. They also foster a sense of community and pride, as participants and spectators alike share in the excitement and admiration of these fiery displays of talent.

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