Land of Prosperity


The Land of Prosperity territory is bordered by the Broken Lands to the north, the Central Fire to the east, the Splinter Sea to the south, and the Primordic Sea to the west. It derives its etymology from its fertile plains and lush vegetation.


Grand Praetorian Plain

The Grand Praetorian Plain is an extensive structural plain that comprises the whole of the Land of Prosperity. It is a relatively flat expanse of lowland rising from sea level at the coast to higher elevations farther inland. It supports a wide range of biomes, including temperate grasslands, semi-arid steppes, tropical savannas, deserts, and forests. Its sediments are rich and fertile, facilitating crop production, while its grasslands provide good grazing for livestock.

To the north, the Land of Prosperity is separated from the Broken Lands territory by the Ravenmaw and Jagtooth Mountains. To the east, it is separated from the Central Fire territory by the Mox Divide.

Its extensive collection of major rivers are primarily located in the southwest. They include the Castigonia River, which is fed by Lake Castigonia; the Hallowfel River; the North Branch River, which connects these two rivers; the South Branch River; the Daltaine River, which is fed by Lake Daltaine; and the Pongo River, which is fed by Lake Pongo.

Other notable lakes include the woodland Lake Jade and Poco Pongo—which lies on a flood plain to the northeast of Lake Pongo where, during the rainy season, these two lakes sometimes converge.

Mount Mox

With an elevation of nearly 9,000 feet, Mount Mox is Praetoria’s tallest mountain. On the lower portion of its eastern slope, the Golden Arena stands upon a vast plateau overlooking Mox City. Here, some of the most prestigious of the Arena Games are held, attracting thousands of pilgrims and spectators throughout the year.

Mount Mox has three main climbing routes, none of which pose great technical climbing difficulties. However, other dangers such as inclement weather, wild beasts, and altitude sickness have claimed countless lives over the years. Still, adventurers the Splinterlands over seek to reach the summit of Mount Mox simply because it is there.


The numerous cities, towns, and settlements of the Land of Prosperity are largely a cultural mosaic of kingdoms, empires, factions, and species. This is mostly due to Mount Mox and its Golden Arena, which has attracted a diverse assortment of cultures from across the Splinterlands.

The three largest city-states in the Land of Prosperity are Mox City, Port Continental, and Meridian. Together, they comprise the Mox Confederation.

Located on the bay at the base of Mount Mox, Mox City is both the oldest and largest Praetorian settlement of immigrants. Its economy is heavily reliant on tourism, and the city contains a large number of inns, taverns, and attractions to support spectators of the Arena Games.

Port Continental is located on the southern coast at the mouth of the South Branch River. It serves as a gateway for about half of all grain, ore, lumber, and produce, with nearly 5,000 vessels passing through it annually.

Meridian, which lies at the headwaters of the Hallowfel River, is also a major source of trade to Port Continental along the Hallowfel.

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