Minor Splinters

Like all splinters, minor splinters are groups united by a shared culture, identity, or goal. However, they generally share some or all of the following characteristics:

  • They are a guild, order, community, or other group below the city-state level.

  • They are nonautonomous and lack the right or power of self-governance.

  • They fall under the governance of a higher sovereignty, such as an empire, kingdom, or city-state.

Notable minor splinters include:


The Albahoo are a tribe of tytoni owlkin that lead a life of solitude and peace in the pine forests of the Northern Highlands, far removed from the machinations of empires and exarchates. They value not conquest and power, but knowledge and wisdom of the elements.


The Anasth is a consortium of kulu that inhabit the coastal waters of the Wild Northeast, in the Colossus Ocean. Theirs is a culture grounded in predatory prowess and strategic acumen. They are highly aggressive, often raiding merchant vessels along vital maritime routes that pass through their domain. In commerce, they leverage their cunning and knowledge of the seas to broker deals and acquire valuable resources, often at the expense of the less savvy.


The Argarux are a tribe of onyx orcs whose settlements span the western foothills of the Daigenloft Mountains and stretch into the caverns of the Upper Daigendark. They are fiercely territorial and often at war with other splinters that encroach upon their borders in both the Deep and Fenmoor Basin. And if war doesn’t find them, they expand their borders until they find it themselves. Theirs is a culture of conflict and bloodshed, for the Argarux believe there is no greater honor than to fight and die in battle.

Aria A'lan

The Aria Badlands is a barren and desolate place, with rugged terrain and little vegetation. It is here that the Aria A’lan gang find refuge from the law between raids against settlements and caravans in the Northwest Lowlands.

Blackmoor Fey

Blackmoor Basin is home to numerous fey, including sprites, wildfolk, wood nymphs, and unicorns. They work together to protect and preserve the basin’s ancient forests and the woodland creatures that inhabit them.

Broken Earth Clan

Dwelling within Gonach Hollow, a great cavern in the Lower Daigendark, the Broken Earth Clan is one of the largest populations of venari in Praetoria. It is a chaotic mix of various factions whose loyalties are constantly shifting as each vies for power within the clan.


The Continuum is an order of mages able to manipulate time; they can slow it down, speed it up, and even pull back the curtain to glimpse the possible futures. However, the Continuum has found that the accuracy of such predictions are highly inconsistent; with its infinite variables, the future is never set in stone.

Daigendark Alliance

The Daigendark Alliance is an uneasy coalition between a grove of arboreal shadites and a colony of deep gnomes. Together, they defend against the dangers of the Daigendark and any foolish enough to wander into their domain.

The Dauntless

The Dauntless are a band of heroes who grew to fame during the Chaos War and subsequent rebellion. It was they who opened the rift that brought the Riftwatchers to the Splinterlands. Their exploits during the Chaos War are recounted in the Tome of Chaos, a series of tales penned by the Scribes of Klutaal.

In the years following, they worked closely with the Riftwatchers to lead an insurgency against the Chaos Empire, whittling away at its infrastructure and operations while training the oppressed to fight back against their oppressors.

  • Bera Dallin: a hill dwarf warrior and the former mayor of New Everitt and leader of the Dauntless.

  • River Hellondale: a high elf wizard and former member of New Everett’s town council.

  • Fiafia Haoa: an Azmarean human runemancer and rogue who is also known as Captain Fellblade.

  • Delya: a Draykhan human archer and former monk of the Xenith Scale.

  • Riklauniman Adrin’eth: an Anumian human ranger and former captain from the Kingdom of Lyveria.

  • Pallus: the loyal tower griffin mount of Riklauniman Adrin’eth.

  • Satha Toledo: an Anumian human ranger from the Kingdom of Lyveria.

  • Joaken (deceased): an elder efreet from Incaendium. He sacrificed his life to help open the rift that brought the Riftwatchers to the Splinterlands.

Endless Apes

The Endless Apes are a confederation of lowland ape troops united under the leadership of Lobb Lowland, the awakened gorilla. They inhabit the southern jungles of the Endless Valley in Praetoria’s Great Lowlands.

Gobalano Family

The Gobalano Family is a criminal syndicate composed primarily of ash goblins. Originally hailing from the Ferexian Empire, they have since spread their operations to many major cities across Praetoria.

Halara Venue

The Halara Venue is a venue of harpies that inhabits the limestone towers of the Wild Northeast’s Sea of Karsts. When defending their territory against intruders, a common tactic of the Halara is to rouse the colonies of giant bats that roost in the karst’s network of underground caves, using the confusion of the bats’ flight as cover.


The Burnlanders of the Kha’zi tribe came to Praetoria after the fall of the Wizards’ Veil, seeking freedom from the oppressive reign of the Ferexian Empire’s Ministry of Peace. They live a simple, primitive life, hidden within the jungles of the Endless Valley.


In the Upper Daigendark near Praetoria’s surface lies the hamlet of Meriput: a network of cozy burrows inhabited by a colony of shy and peaceful muriden.

Mycelic Brood

The Mycelic Brood inhabits the subterranean bowels of the Deep. It comprises a vast horde of fungoids and those unfortunates infected with the fungoids’ mycelial corruption—skin mottled with fungal growth, toadstools sprouting across their bodies, eyes clouded, movements erratic, minds lost to the spores. The fungoids of the brood often venture to the upper reaches of the Deep and Praetoria's surface in search of additional hosts to grow their ranks.


The Nimbledook are a clan of rock gnomes who have made it their purpose in life to experience firsthand every wonder—both magnificent and malevolent—of the Splinterlands, starting with Praetoria.

Pieces of Eight

The Pieces of Eight are an infamous crew of pirates led by Captain Corin Drace, who commands eight fleets totaling nearly seven-hundred ships. They are the bane of the three seas of Praetoria, sailing its coasts and raiding the merchant and trading ships that carry goods from one port to another.

Redwyrm Dragons

The dragons of Mount Redwyrm are bound in obedience to the cruel and ancient red wyrm known as Rage. Theirs is a loyalty born of fear rather than affection, for any who had dared challenge Rage were effortlessly felled by his terrible fury.

Scarred Hand

The Scarred Hand is a collective of battle mages employed by the renowned arena master, Jared Scar. They fight primarily in arenas across the Pristine Northwest and, when they aren't battling on behalf of the Scarred Hand, they are leased to other arena masters, maintaining a constant flow of coin into the Hand's coffers.

Scribes of Klutaal

The Scribes of Klutaal are a guild of scholars and chroniclers of history. Their headquarters is in the Mox City Library, which they also administer, but their chroniclers can be found across the Splinterlands, recording its diverse cultures and history for posterity.

Xenith Scale

The Xenith Scale is an order of monks devoted to maintaining the balance between good and evil. Their monastery, located on the Land of Prosperity’s Grand Praetorian Plain, serves as both their sanctuary and training grounds.

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