Kingdom of Mar Toren

"By tide, united."


The aquatic Kingdom of Mar Toren rises from the seabed off the coast of the Wild Northeast, in the waters between the Northeast Coastal Steppes and Hunger Isle. It is a parliamentary monarchy wherein the royal merfolk family of Poseidar and its king or queen govern in compliance with the constitution and the wishes of the kingdom’s citizens.

Colonized by immigrants from Azmare’s Poseidar following the fall of the Wizards’ veil, the Kingdom of Mar Toren is a vibrant underwater realm and a beacon of unity and cooperation.


The kingdom’s constitution establishes a Parliament of both elected representatives and direct representation. Its organization is as follows:

  • The Council of One Hundred are elected by the citizenry and serve a one-year term, with no limit to the number of terms they may serve. They have the power to enact legislation, veto royal orders, oversee taxes and their proper expenditure, dismiss magistrates, approve treaties negotiated by the king or queen, provide oversight of investigations, and declare war.

  • The Military Magistrates are composed of five commanders and ten constables who command the Kingdom of Mar Toren’s military and constabulary, respectively.

  • The Civil Magistrates are responsible for the infrastructure of the kingdom, to include expansion, repair, and renovation, as well as the organization of celebrations.

  • The Popular Assembly consists of all citizens of the Kingdom of Mar Toren. By popular vote, they elect the Council of One Hundred and the magistrates, propose decrees and legislation, recommend tax reforms and expenditure, and raise other issues of concern to be acted upon by the Council of One Hundred or the king or queen.

  • The Popular Tribunal also consists of all citizens. By popular vote, they oversee all judicial matters, including civil and criminal charges, as well as the legality of proposed and enacted legislation.


A significant portion of Mar Toren's economic vitality relies on sea farming. Lush, underwater farms produce vibrant seaweeds and other marine plants for food and medicinal applications. Forests of kelp that rise toward the ocean’s surface serve as sheltered nurseries for many species of fish and crustaceans. These farms use sustainable practices to ensure the ocean's local bounty endures for generations to come.

The ocean floor offers a treasure trove of resources, and Mar Toren artisans are masters at transforming these into coveted artifacts. A mollusk’s mother-of-pearl becomes resplendent jewelry, coral is carved into ornate decorations, and luminescent fish scales are sewn into clothing to capture a unique play of light. Pearls, in their myriad of colors, are particularly valued both within the kingdom and in neighboring sovereignties.

The interaction with coastal settlements brings a fusion of cultures and lucrative trade opportunities. Coastal merchants pay handsomely for the beautifully crafted trinkets, exquisite fabrics woven from fish scales and seaweed fibers, and potions and salves made from marine plants. In return, Mar Toren receives goods that the depths of the ocean cannot provide, such as certain metal ores, precious stones and minerals, textiles, spices and herbs, wine and spirits, and terrestrial plants.

The Kingdom of Mar Toren mints one of the many variations of Azmarean currency that serve as the primary medium of exchange in the Wild Northeast. However, as an undersea kingdom, does not use or accept coinages minted from steel, iron, or copper, which are susceptible to corrosion.



Merfolk comprise the majority of the kingdom’s citizenry, while the rest is composed primarily of:

  • Sea naga

  • Aqua sapien humans

  • Various piscine species

  • Marid


The kingdom’s citizenry mostly worship Xelia, Goddess of Seas and Storms. Many also pay tribute to Albania, Goddess of the Arts.


Mar Toren's culture is an ode to the sea, celebrating its vastness, its mystery, and the life it nurtures. It is a shared blend of traditions, beliefs, and celebration that is shaped by the rhythm of the tides.

Mar Toren's art and structures echo the waves and currents of the ocean. Buildings of coral and oceanic bedrock rise seamlessly from their surroundings. Statues, often carved from coral and encrusted with pearls, grace grand halls and plazas. These works pay homage to heroes, deities, history, and the ocean itself.

The depths of the ocean are fertile ground for introspection and philosophy. Scholars frequently ponder the vastness of the sea, drawing parallels with the nature of existence. Literature is filled with tales of oceanic adventures and legends of ancient sea creatures. These works serve not only as entertainment, but also as a moral compass that guides the citizenry in their daily lives.

The music of Mar Toren is haunting and beautiful, with melodies that echo the ocean’s harmony. Instruments are typically crafted of shells and bones. Dances mimic the fluid movement of seaweed in the currents or the playful antics of dolphins. Theatrical performances often revolve around tales of bravery, love, and the ever-present bond with Xelia.

The cuisine of Mar Toren is a delightful palette of flavors harvested from the ocean. Dishes are often seasoned with unique marine herbs, lending them a distinctive zest found only in deep sea delicacies. Signature dishes include kelp-wrapped crustacean rolls, tangy seaweed salads, and sponge jelly soup.

With the ocean as its stage, the Kingdom of Mar Toren has always celebrated the art of competition, and nowhere is this more evident than in the grandeur of the Aquamarena. Nestled in the heart of Mar Toren, the Aquamarena showcases the strength, agility, and skill of the kingdom’s battle mages. During tournaments and ranked battles, it is filled with aquatic and terrestrial spectators alike.

Constructed of carefully cultivated coral structures, the massive walls and pillars of the Aquamarena rise from the seabed in a kaleidoscope of colors. Overhead, canopies of kelp and seaweed sway to the rhythm of the currents. For those unable to breathe underwater, sections of the Aquamarena have been ingeniously designed with enchanted glass domes that provide a clear view of the action while maintaining a constant source of breathable air.

One of the arena's most enchanting features is its lighting. Rather than torches or other terrestrial forms of illumination, the Aquamarena glimmers with bioluminescent algae and other organisms, which are carefully nurtured and embedded within the structure of the arena itself. This creates a surreal ambiance that transforms each battle into a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow.

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