"The All Tribe provides."


Nestled in the icy tundra near the east coast of Icewall Bay in the Wild Northeast, Anyu stands as a beacon of decentralized self-governance and direct democracy. Known for their fierce independence and commitment to personal liberties, the Anyu originally hail from the coasts and inland territories of Azmare’s frozen ice fields.


Anyu operates on a foundation of self-determination, with each autonomous tribe—known collectively as the All Tribe—managing its own affairs. Direct democracy is the norm, with each member having a say in decisions that impact their community. Absent is an owning class or economic elite, reflecting the Anyu’s belief in equitable distribution of power and resources. This egalitarian system, strengthened by a deep respect for collective wisdom and individual freedom, empowers communities and keeps the spirit of the All Tribe vibrant.


Anyu’s economy is largely driven by sustainable fishing, hunting, and foraging of the icy wilderness’s resources. Butchers, bakers, herbalists, and other culinarians use these resources to provide for the All Tribe, while skilled craftsfolk take what’s left—namely bone, ivory, and hide—to produce practical goods. Anything not required for survival is traded for something that is. Meanwhile, the lack of an economic elite results in the fair and equal distribution of resources and wealth.



The majority of Anyu’s population is Azmarean humans, although several tribes of marine gnomes add diversity to the mix.


Most of the Anyu worship Ulum, God of Destiny. Many also pay tribute to the following deities:

  • Gryyja, Goddess of Protection

  • Serathera, Goddess of the Wilderness

  • Thedan, God of Crafting

  • The Brotherhood, Gods of Fellowship and Bounty


Anyu's culture is a reflection of its people's tenacity and the harsh yet stark beauty of their homeland. It is one of survival and resilience, where life is celebrated and cherished.

Architecture is simple and functional, with slanted walls and peaked roofs reinforced with timber to withstand the icy gales of the tundra. Traditions and customs are a tapestry of storytelling, communal art, and festivities that honor the elemental forces that shape the Anyu’s daily life. Indeed, while music and dance serve to entertain, they are also a gift to Ulum in hopes the god will spare them winter’s wrath.

Literature and oral traditions are rich with tales of survival, coexistence with nature, and the valor of Anyu’s ancestral heroes. Philosophy delves into themes of endurance, community, and sacrifice.

Cuisine in Anyu is a testament to their resourcefulness, with dishes comprising native game, fish, and plants, all seasoned with wild herbs harvested from the frostbitten landscape.

Sports and games emphasize strategy, teamwork, and an understanding of the landscape and the elemental forces that shape it. Competitions are held just as often in the dead of winter as the thaw of spring, serving as both a celebration of life and the enduring spirit of the All Tribe.

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