Interdiction of Icewall Bay

The rebels have begun disrupting the Chaos Empire’s supply lines around Icewall Bay. They’ve employed the wagons and elemental manifestations of battle mages in the Northern Highlands and Northeast Machair to oppose the legions. But Rage’s dragons of Mount Redwyrm control the skies. Given the chance, they’ll burn this uprising to ashes.

In a dim tavern, a stranger approaches and hints at raids on empire supply lines around Icewall Bay. But you’re a battle mage. You’re for the arena, not the battlefield. It’s just a loan, though. Cards, Mage Wagons to support the cause. Already you’re counting coins in your head. But then the stranger mentions that the empire has the ancient red wyrm, Rage, on its side. You weigh the odds. Make your choice, battle mage…

The stranger is Dolfar Darflak, a dark dwarf from the Kingdom of Duskforge who joined the Riftwatchers after suffering unspeakable losses at the hands of the Chaos Empire and Queen Mycelia’s brood. The empire’s exploitation of the Splinterlands continues to fuel his personal vendetta, and his unconventional methods often blur the line between what's right and what's effective. But every sabotaged supply line, every detonated bomb, and every legionnaire that bleeds is sweet vengeance indeed.

The risk is high, but if you’re willing to help, Dolfar promises a chance to earn a new card for your collection: the ancient red wyrm, Rage, himself.

Rage has been the patriarch of his flight of red dragons for millenia. Long before the Splintering—long before even the Tai Kalayne—he claimed Mount Redwyrm as his own. Over the centuries, he has grown his brood and amassed a hoard of treasure to rival that of the wealthiest of kingdoms a hundred times over. He was content to admire his endless mounds of precious metals and gems while expanding his knowledge of this realm and all the other realms and planes of existence.

With defiance against the Chaos Empire mounting, Mantaroth, second only to Silus of the Rift, offered the ancient red wyrm an alliance. In exchange for crushing any potential uprisings, Rage was promised riches untold—not just gold and baubles, but artworks, artifacts, and divine relics the likes of which the Splinterlands has never seen, amassed from countless conquered realms.

Now, the Redwyrm Dragons glide over the forests, plains, and moors of the Broken Lands, laying waste to any who would forsake their loyalty to the empire—and demanding tithings in exchange for asylum, regardless of loyalties.

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