Thunderhoof Nation

"By hand and hoof."


Originally from the Thunder Plains of Anumun, the Thunderhoof Nation is a federation of nomadic tribes that inhabit the plains and forests of the Western Lowlands in the Broken Lands. The rhythm of life follows the cycle of seasons and the migration of herds, a constant dance of movement and adjustment.


The Thunderhoof Nation is led by the Centauri Chieftain, whose wisdom and strength guides the centaurs through the ebb and flow of seasons and trials. Governance is grounded in tribal law, cultural traditions, and religious customs, creating a sense of unity and continuity through the generations. The democratically elected Tribal Council oversees legislative matters affecting the nation’s tribes, ensuring each voice is heard and considered in the decisions that shape their shared journey. The Tribal Court, meanwhile, interprets tribal law and dispenses justice, maintaining order and harmony within the nation.


The economy of the Thunderhoof Nation thrives through a symbiotic relationship with the land. Horse breeding and training is central to their livelihood, and the nation produces some of the finest steeds found across Praetoria. Known for their speed, strength, and endurance, these majestic creatures are highly sought after and form a significant part of the nation's trade.

Agriculture is adapted to the tribe’s nomadic lifestyle and consists of crops and herbs cultivated on the plains of the Western Lowlands, which are traded or used within the tribes. Herbalism is a revered practice, with centaurs blending ancient knowledge and modern techniques to create potent medicinal concoctions.

Skilled craftsfey produce goods such as wooden totems, woven textiles, and crafted weapons—especially longbows renowned for their remarkable range and accuracy. These items, treasured both for their cultural significance and craftsmanship, are traded during the Centaurian Moot, a great gathering where tribes converge in an exchange of culture, commerce, and camaraderie.

While its commerce is largely based on barter of goods and services, the Thunderhoof uses traditional coinages as well, with Anumian currency being the most prevalent.



The Thunderhoof Nation is composed almost exclusively of centaur.


Most tribes worship Serathara, Goddess of the Wilderness. Other deities with a significant number of worshippers include:

  • Mitreyya, Goddess of Might

  • The Brotherhood, Gods of Fellowship and Bounty

  • Ulum, God of Destiny

  • Gryyja, Goddess of Protection

  • ​​Mnephrea, Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom


The Thunderhoof Nation’s aesthetics blend the raw beauty of nature with practical functionality. Art is replete with motifs from nature, often depicting scenes of the plains, forests, and celestial bodies. Architecture is a testament to the tribes’ nomadic lifestyle, consisting of portable yet sturdy yurts and tents adorned with tapestries and carvings that tell of their heritage and legends.

Lore is passed down orally through the generations, with stories emphasizing a deep connection with nature and the importance of community. Philosophy centers on a harmonious relationship with the land and respect for the cycle of life and death.

Music and dance embody the spirit, freedom, and rhythm of nature. Powerful drum beats and haunting flute melodies accompany dances that blend rhythmic stomping and prancing with twists, turns, and swaying of the arms and torso.

The nation’s cuisine is a blend of the pastoral and the wild, with diets rich in grains, fruits, and game meat. Dishes are typically seasoned with herbs from the plains, and meals are often shared around campfires or in other communal gathering areas.

Sports are a display of physical prowess and skill. Archery, races involving both centaurs and horses, and grappling are popular, with the latter incorporating hoofwork, holds and arm-bars, and throws to takedown and subdue one’s opponent.

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