“Unto the jungle.”


Situated in the Endless Valley’s northern jungles in the Great Lowlands, Mangurun is a vibrant and dynamic tribal society. Each tribe is led by its own elders and shamans; together, they form a cohesive unit under the leadership of a single tribal leader, the Ratu.

The Mangurun originated from the lowland jungles of Azmare.


Tribalism forms the bedrock of Mangurun’s governance structure. Each tribe is led by respected elders and shamans who are responsible for the daily affairs, spiritual well-being, and communal harmony of their respective tribes. All tribes converge under the overarching leadership of the Ratu, who is chosen for their wisdom, strength, and ability to maintain unity among the tribes.


The Mangurun are hunters and gatherers who rely on the ecosystems of the Endless Valley. Their economy is based on reliance and respect for the teeming life of the jungle. Every tree, every droplet of morning dew, and every creature provides for the tribes. In turn, the Mangurun revere the jungle for the gifts it provides. Skilled hunters stalk their prey using bows, arrows, and spears, while gatherers use baskets woven of vines and leaves to collect fruits, roots, and herbs, many of which are said to be endowed with mystical properties.

The fecund soils of the Endless Valley yield fruits, tubers, and grains, and every planting and harvest is a ritual, a pact with the jungle to sustain and honor it. Meanwhile, Mangurun artisans craft weavings, carvings, and blades believed to be imbued with the jungle’s essence and blessings.



Azmarean humans make up the majority of the Mangurun, although smaller tribes of bluehair minotaurs, cobalt orcs, and ironwood goblins also contribute to Mangurun’s diversity.


The Mangurun primarily pay tribute to the element of earth and the jungle itself, the spirit of which is personified by the beasts that inhabit it.


Each Mangurun tribe has distinct customs, rituals, and traditions, creating a diverse yet united societal fabric. Regular intertribal gatherings are a staple and serve to reinforce social bonds and a shared identity among the tribes. All Mangurun are taught the interconnectedness of all forms of life, the balance between taking from and giving back to nature, and the responsibility of honoring the jungle and its many beasts.

Artwork is deeply spiritual and directly inspired by the surrounding jungle and its beasts. Artists incorporate elements they believe to be connected to the earth and the spirit of the jungle, aiming to portray not only its physical aspects, but also its underlying emotions, stories, and persona.

Architecture is practical, constructed of hewn trees, oversized leaves, and other natural materials. Buildings are designed to blend harmoniously with the environment and are often elevated, adapting to the terrain and protecting the Mangurun against the formidable predators that call the Endless Valley home.

Oral storytelling plays a crucial role in preserving the history, wisdom, and values of the tribes. Tales are told of the spirit and beasts of the jungle, the cycles of nature, and the deeds of ancestors. These stories serve to instill a sense of respect and harmony with the environment and the spiritual world.

Dance and music are fundamental expressions of Mangurun culture, often enacted to honor the jungle, celebrate the seasons, or to invoke protection and blessings. Rhythms are intense, with dynamic dances set to a deep, bass drum, often mimicking the movements of bestial predators and prey.

Mangurun cuisine includes a variety of fruits, roots, and meats, often seasoned with exotic herbs found only in the northern jungles of the Endless Valley. Meals are communal and reflect the close-knit nature of Mangurun society.

Intertribal competitions are wildly popular and typically based on skills essential for survival, such as hunting, tracking, and agility. The most eminent is a harrowing race through the dense jungle undergrowth, testing the participants’ speed, endurance, and knowledge of the terrain.

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