Kingdom of Lyveria

"For crown and shire."


The Kingdom of Lyveria is an absolute monarchy ruled by the royal Anumian family of Wilhelm and its king or queen, who wield the ultimate governing authority. Originally hailing from the continent of Anumun, Lyveria began its colonization of Praetoria shortly after the fall of the Wizards’ Veil and has since laid claim to much of the western portion of the Broken Lands’ Western Lowlands. Its capital, Wilhelmdale, is located at the mouth of the Pongo River in the west, with the land surrounding the capital divided into various shires.


In the walled capital city, the Royal Constable and a constabulary of peacekeepers enforce the laws. In the surrounding shires, sheriffs appointed by their respective viceroys are responsible for the protection of the kingdom’s citizens, law enforcement, and tax collection.

Royal Court

The Royal Court advises, informs, and entertains the king or queen and oversees various matters of governance. The majority don’t live in the royal castle—or even in the capital—although most are accorded with their own rooms when in attendance.

Permanent members of the Royal Court are:

  • The Regent governs the kingdom in the minority, absence, or disability of the king or queen. Usually, they are a member of the royal Anumian family of Wilhelm.

  • The Royal Magician serves as an advisor and uses their command of magic in service to the king or queen.

  • The Chancellor is responsible for the administration and execution of royal decrees.

  • The Justiciar oversees the kingdom’s judicial processes and provides advice on matters brought before the king or queen.

  • The Seneschal advises the king or queen on the kingdom’s lands and agriculture.

  • The Treasurer advises the king or queen on financial matters and is responsible for managing the treasury.

  • The Pincerna is in charge of general protocol for the royal family and the Court.

  • The Royal Jester is charged with entertaining the royal family and the Court, as well as other menial tasks and errands.

The Royal Court also includes a diverse assortment of non-permanent members.

  • Viceroys are governors who act as the representative of the king or queen, charged with the governance of the shires within their respective area.

  • The Marshal is in charge of the kingdom’s armed forces and advises the king or queen on military matters.

  • The Royal Constable is in charge of the constabulary and is responsible for law enforcement within the walls of the capital.

  • Representatives from the noble families act as advisors, voice their concerns, and provide able bodies to support the king or queen.

  • Wealthy merchants provide loans or gifts.

  • Bards, troubadours, and other musicians provide entertainment.

  • And many, many others.


Lyveria's economic strength comes from the diversity of its shires, with each yielding a variety of products: grain, livestock, and textiles in the plains; stonework and metallurgy in the hills; and herbs, medicinal plants, and lumber in the forests. In coastal areas and near lakes and rivers, the trade of aquatic goods flourishes, including salt, fish, and other seafood and maritime commodities.

The Pongo River serves as a major artery for transport and trade, connecting the shires and the capital and facilitating the flow of goods. Artisans and craftsmen use the raw materials from the shires to create intricate works of art, furniture, and weaponry. Likewise, Wilhemdale’s grand harbor acts as a gateway to distant lands, and ships carrying exotic goods and seafood arrive daily, contributing to a bustling market economy that permeates the entire kingdom.

Taxes are vital to Lyveria’s economic health and the maintenance and functions of its Royal Court. As such, viceroys and their sheriffs manage a complex system of taxation to ensure that resources are efficiently collected and distributed. However, the success of this system depends heavily on the wisdom and integrity of those in charge.

The Kingdom of Lyveria mints a variation of the Anumian currencies that serve as the primary medium of exchange in the Broken Lands.



Anumian humans comprise about half of the Kingdom of Lyveria’s citizenry. The other half is composed mostly of:

  • Anumian halflings

  • Hill dwarves

  • Fey goblins

  • Silverback leonines

  • Brownhair minotaurs

  • Jade orcs

  • Rock gnomes


Lyverians primarily pay tribute to the following deities:

  • Serathara, Goddess of the Wilderness

  • Mnephrea, Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom

  • Falenora, Goddess of Wealth and Trade

  • Gryyja, Goddess of Protection

  • Thedan, God of Crafting

  • The Brotherhood, Gods of Fellowship and Bounty


The culture of Lyveria is shaped by the diversity of its shires, a reverence for nature, and respect for its monarchy. This melding of customs is reflected in the traditions, rituals, and daily practices of its people, effecting a harmony that binds the kingdom and its shires.

Lyverian architecture is inspired by nature and royal tradition. For example, stone and earthen homes dominate the hillside shires, while forest shires often blend seamlessly into their surroundings. In Wilhelmdale, majestic castle walls and towering spires reflect the kingdom's grandeur and authority.

Most Lyverians are particularly fond of storytelling, and tales of heroism, wisdom, and the gods themselves are recounted in literature, music, and dance. In the capital city, the Royal Court orchestrates grand festivals and celebrations that showcase the diverse artistic traditions of the kingdom and its shires, with parades, feasts, and performances that recount epic legends and allegorical tales espousing virtue and honor.

Lyverian cuisine is as varied as its citizenry, offering a range of dishes that include dwarven stews, elven herb-infused delicacies, halfling pastries, and leonine meats. The feasts of the Royal Court are an extravagant affair, highlighted by rich flavors from across the kingdom.

Popular sports include jousts, archery contests, and—of course—the Arena Games. Hearthglen Field, the kingdom’s largest and most prestigious arena, is located in Wilhelmdale.

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