Uprising in Solace

The interdiction of the Chaos Empire’s supply lines around Icewall Bay has weakened the empire’s grip on the Northern Highlands. Now, the citizens of Solace rise against their oppressors. Governess Akane has rallied her people, yet the Gloridax are outmatched. Matsuuri Kei, ranking knight of Solace’s Dragonsguard, needs your help.

Another town, another tavern. He shows up again. This time, it's more than supply line raids. The attacks around Icewall Bay roused the locals. There's trouble brewing in Solace. Governess Akane has rallied her people, but her soldiers are outmatched. Matsuuri Kei, knight of Solace's Dragonguard, needs aid. That's where you come in. Your cards and mage wagons to help the Gloridax take back their city. If the Chaos Empire finds out, heads will roll. Namely yours. But fortunes aren't made by playing it safe.

The shiminach are the Gloridax Empire’s land-owning elite, and Ishii Akane was one of the caste’s most powerful and influential drakoshans. Her holdings comprised nearly fifty-thousand hectares of land south of Icewall Bay, including Solace. But when the port city fell to the Chaos Empire, Akane was given a choice: abdicate her position and swear fealty to Silus of the Rift or face execution.

The once distinguished shiminach became just another conscript in the legions of the Tovingor Kalamenty. She stood sentry upon the walls of Solace, patrolled the streets, and enforced the edicts of the empire.

Their leadership thought they'd broken her. That she served as a reminder that not even the mightiest dare defy them. But all the while, Akane reinforced in her citizens their heritage, their purpose, and that the Gloridax Empire would one day rise from the ashes and be restored to its former glory.

Ashinach are the foot soldiers that form the bulk of the Dragonsguard. But after the Gloridax Empire fell, the ashinach of Solace served as conscripts in the legions of Chaos.

But dissent grew. Acts of insubordination became more frequent, no matter how many lashings were doled out. The kalament of Tovingor knew that something had to be done before it boiled over into a full-blown revolt. But it seemed like there was trouble brewing everywhere, and trying to squash it all was like playing subjugation whack-a-mole.

And now... now it's too late.

Matsuuri Kei is a dragutsu, a knight of the Gloridax Empire’s Dragonsguard. She fought hard and well to defend Solace against the legions of Chaos. But the attackers were… well, they were legion, and Kei and her Ashinach could not stand against their sheer numbers.

Like her former governess, Kei was conscripted into the Chaos Empire’s military after the port city fell. She waited patiently for the day when she could collect the heads of Solace’s Chaos commander and his captains and present them to Shiminach Akane in a grand Kubi Jikken, the Gloridax’s traditional head-viewing ceremony.

Now the rebellion has begun, and that day is fast approaching.

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