"Bound by the breach."

The Riftwatchers are an alliance of disparate species, cultures, and creeds sworn to protect the rifts between the Splinterlands and other realms and, should those rifts be breached, to close them once more. They largely engage in irregular warfare—mostly in the form of harassment and sabotage—although they are capable of fielding a limited number of conventional forces as well. Additionally, they maintain a network of cadres prepared to train, organize, and mobilize the local citizenry in support of their cause.


The Riftwatchers are divided into seven geographic commands, each with its own hierarchy of leadership.

  • Northwestern Dumak Command in the Frigid Coasts.

  • Western Fola Command in the Western Lowlands.

  • Southwestern Caldor Command in Mox City.

  • Central Goran Command in the Agniavas.

  • Northeastern Lemel Command off the coast of the Northeast Coastal Steppes.

  • Eastern Arja Command in the Diagenloft Mountains.

  • Southeastern Vergar Command in the Fenmoor Basin.

The Riftwatchers High Command is colocated with the Central Goran Command in the Agniavas, where it oversees conventional forces and provides liaison and coordination with the other geographic commands.

Geographic commands are further divided into three echelons, each led by a committee to provide redundancies in their chain of command.

  • Conventional forces trained in tactics, techniques, and procedures to directly combat an opposing military.

  • Provincial forces that use irregular warfare to erode an adversary’s power, influence, and will over time.

  • District forces comprised of Riftwatcher cadres who train, organize, and mobilize the local citizenry to use irregular warfare in support of their cause. Promising citizen operatives are oftentimes offered membership in the Riftwatchers.


The Riftwatchers' economic system primarily relies on support from the communities they protect. They also have an intricate network of trade and supply lines to maintain the flow of resources necessary for their operations.


The Riftwatchers comprise a plethora of species, races, religions, and cultures. With its members hailing from not only across the Splinterlands but also various other realms and planes of existence, it would be impossible to provide a definitive demographic breakdown.

However, the nature of their mission enables the Riftwatchers to set aside differences in race and creed to come together in a shared purpose. Indeed, this amalgamation of diverse belief systems is a key element of their resilience, adaptability, and collective strength.


The Riftwatchers' culture is as varied as its membership, yet a few shared values unify them. Dedication to the cause, courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, and a deep sense of camaraderie form the cornerstone of their culture. In spite of their varied backgrounds, a shared mission and a common enemy have united them, engendering a fellowship of defenders whose resilience is as formidable as any who would dare to threaten the rifts.

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