Vile and Violence

Congratulations, you're a wanted battle mage now. After Avina of the Wolf defends you against the Pirates of Eight, you find yourself aligned with the Order of the Silver Shield. Join Commander Goff and his knights in their journey to Port Pristine to gather reinforcements for the rising rebellion in New Dawn. Be forewarned however. Venka the Vile rules the city in the name of the Chaos Empire, and she does it with brutal efficiency.

In the streets of New Dawn stand the Pirates of Eight. The Chaos Empire knows about you and your mage wagons. There's a bounty, and the pirates want to collect. Avina of the Wolf comes to your aid, and the empire's legionnaires come, too. The people of New Dawn have had enough. Blood and battle in the streets. Avina leads you to Commander Goff. It's time for the Silver Shield to fight back. They'll need reinforcements from Port Pristine, where Venka the Vile rules. Your cards could turn the tide. The journey is dangerous, but isn't everything these days?

The Pieces of Eight are an infamous crew of pirates led by Captain Corin Drace, who commands eight fleets totaling nearly seven-hundred ships. They are the bane of the three seas of Praetoria, sailing its coasts and raiding the merchant and trading ships that carry goods from one port to another.

And things have only gotten worse since they aligned themselves with the Chaos Empire. Not only do the Pieces of Eight control the seas, but their pirates can be found in practically every port, where they take what they want from the ships in the harbor before heading to a local tavern to have a good time—namely, getting falling-down drunk and riding roughshod over the locals.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Khymia has been subsumed by the Chaos Empire. But while the Order of the Silver Shield may have lost the war, they haven’t lost their fight.

Once a regimental commander charged with governance of Port Pristine, Gregory Goff fought alongside his knights when the legions of Chaos laid siege to the city, but they were overwhelmed by the enemy’s sheer numbers. Most of the defenders were summarily executed. Goff and the remnants of his command fled to New Dawn, but they found the capital had already fallen to the Chaos Empire. They joined the surviving knights there, hidden away beneath the city in the labyrinth of tunnels designed for storm water drainage. They reorganized. They reequipped. They prepared.

Since then, Commander Goff and his knights have developed a network of covert operatives within the empire’s municipal government. They ambush the legionnaires that patrol the streets and sabotage their depots of munitions and rations before disappearing once more into the shadows. And they fight to protect the citizens of New Dawn and ensure they never lose hope.

All the while, Goff endeavors to hold fast to his honor and the principles of the Order of the Silver Shield. But he knows that, in order to do good in the world, sometimes you also have to do some very bad things.

Enter Knight Sergeant Avina of Galalaine.

As part of the Silver Shield’s insurgency in New Dawn, Avina has devoted herself to ending the Chaos Empire, no matter the cost. Her brutal hit-and-run tactics are infamous among her enemies, who have taken to calling her “the Wolf,” and she wears this moniker like a badge of pride.

While Commander Gregory Goff may question her methods, Avina of the Wolf has earned his trust and respect. And when the dawn comes to break the chains of tyranny, there is no one he would rather have at his side.

Together with Commander Goff, Avina of the Wolf, and a handful of Silver Shield Fighters, you'll make the journey to Port Pristine to gather reinforcements and retake New Dawn. Along the way, you'll face all kinds of trouble: the bandits from the Aria A'lan gang; territory ulund; and a plethora of other—whoah! Lioceros! It's gonna charge! Watch out!

If you manage to make it to Port Pristine in one piece, there's trouble waiting there, too.

Commander Venka the Vile rules the city with brutal efficiency. Her battalion of legionnaires enforces compliance with the laws of the empire and ensures no one gets any stupid ideas about inalienable rights like life, liberty, and other such nonsense.

Lately, however, Venka's legionnaires have been turning up dead: slit throats in some shadowy alley, felled in the street with an arrow to the eye by a rooftop sniper, or blown to bits by explosives both incendiary and magical. Her requests for replacements are drawing questions from her superiors, and Venka knows she'll have to squash this little resistance before it becomes something more.

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