Anarchy in the Northeast

Your next task: convince Eternan Brune and his Drybone Anarchists to break their alliance with the Chaos Empire and join the rebellion. Along the way, you'll encounter the merfolk of Mar Toren, gnomes of Nimbledook, and bluehair minotaurs of the Ujurak Tribe. And if you can fight your way through the anarchists and legionnaires of Chaos, you'll still have to face Endura Brune and Daarg Deadblast to get to the Drybone Sultan himself.

Thanks to you and the dwarves, Solace stands firm. The rebellion rages across Praetoria. Runeseer Sevaya needs you to convince the Drybone Anarchists to join the cause. You strap on a Runic Skyclaw suit and set off. But it malfunctions. Prunda Undervesch comes to your aid. Through the Sea of Karsts to the Drybone Badlands and the anarchist's citadel. Cryptic, the legion's captain, joins your cause. Together, you fight toward the throne where Eternan Brune and his cronies await.

Sevaya Sen and her Riftwatcher compatriots have followed in the wake of Silus of the Rift and his legions of Chaos across numerous realms. They collected the scraps and the survivors, bolstering their combat power and preparing for the day when they would stand against their mortal enemies.

Now, that day is fast approaching. The Chaos Empire controls the Splinterlands, and Sevaya is afraid. For she is a runeseer and triusul human, skilled in both runemancy and clairvoyance. She has seen the possible futures. Most lead to ruin. Only a handful do not. And in these handful, there is always a battle mage, and there are always choices.

She will do what she can to guide the battle mage toward the right ones.

You strap on a Runic Skyclaw suit, fly outta Solace, and head for Stonetown in the Drybone Badlands, home of the Drybone Anarchists.

Unfortunately, along the way your Runic Skyclaw suit malfunctions, and you overshoot the mark. You crash-land off the coast of the Northeast Coastal Steppes, somewhere in the Colossus Ocean. The good news is you have company. The bad news is they ain't friendly.

The soothsayers of Anasth swim the northern coast of Praetoria, seeking anything that may be of value and could be sold for profit. They offer sage advice to any that can make payment, though their predictions are often haphazard at best. And with the hostile regime of the Chaos Empire choking much of the profit from the coastal settlements of the Wild Northeast, these soothsayers have found that folk are willing to pay that little bit more for some optimism in their lives.

Unfortunately, in this case, "anything that may be of value and could be sold for a profit," turns out to be you.

Luckily, though, merfolk traders from the Kingdom of Mar Toren happen to be in the area, too, and they hear your valiant struggles–that is to say, your splashing and flailing about as you try not to drown. With their help, you fight off the kulu and make it to shore.

Next stop? The Drybone Badlands. But you have to make your way through the Sea of Karsts to get there. And it's here you meet the rock gnomes of Nimbledook.

Most rock gnomes have an insatiable curiosity and thirst for adventure. Their wanderlust takes them wherever there are sights to see and landmarks to behold, regardless of any danger.

The rock gnomes of Nimbledook are no exception. They've crossed the scorching sands of the Oni Desert, climbed the highest peaks of the Agniavas, braved the perils of Tanglethorn Peninsula, and delved the depths of the Great Scar. What they haven't done is on-sighted the limestone towers or spelunked the caves of the Sea of Karsts.

But the Wild Northeast's Sea of Karsts is a harsh, inhospitable landscape. Few are willing to brave its deadly terrain, and those who do face dangers not only from the land itself, but also from the flora and fauna that dwell within it.

One such danger are the harpies of the Halara Venue. Fiercely territorial, they are known to rouse the colonies of giant bats that roost in the karst's network of underground caves. Then, in the confusion of their flight, these harpies fling a hail of stone flechettes at intruders.

After helping the Nimbledook fight off the harpies and karst bats, you continue on your merry way until you enter the Drybone Badlands. It is here you meet Prophet Rosa of the Ujurak Tribe and her retinue of mystics.

In the Northeast Coastal Steppes of the Wild Northeast is a dynamic confederation of seven nomadic tribes known as Panopia. These tribes came to Praetoria from Azmare, and at first, they thrived on an abundance of natural resources.

However, all that changed when the Chaos Empire arrived. Caught in the clutches of its tyranny, the tribes of Panopia were taxed in coin and conscripts, with the strongest of their braves enlisted in compulsory service to the legions of Chaos.

Rosa Ombros is a prophet and tribal leader among the bluehair minotaur of the Ujurak Tribe. Her mystics harness the ancient, primal magic of the earth to enhance the fertility of Panopia's lands and offer guidance and wisdom through communion with both the gods and the natural world.

Not long ago, Prophet Rosa received a vision: that a path to ending the Chaos Empire's reign of terror lay to the south, somewhere in the bleak expanse of the Drybone Badlands.

And so she and several of her mystics embarked on a perilous pilgrimage and a journey of faith to free the tribes of Panopia.

The path to ending the Chaos Empire's reign of terror? It led Prophet Rosa to you–

–and also, straight into the maw of a Drybone megaladon.

Thriving within the Drybone Badlands, this species of giant sharks is found nowhere else on Praetoria. A surge of dirt and rock in the distance, and a single fin rises from the earth and cleaves a path toward its prey. You can try to run, but there is no escape. Better to stand still. Don’t move. Don’t even breathe. Because once the Drybone megaladon knows where you are, it will hunt you down, erupt from the earth, and swallow you whole. Then it will vanish again into the earth of the badlands, leaving only a memory of its savagery—if there is anyone left alive to remember.

You'll eventually make your way to Stonetown, where you'll have to fight your way through the anarchists and legionnaires of Chaos to get to Drybone Citadel.

Thankfully, you won't have to do it alone. One of the legions' captains has about had enough of the Chaos Empire.

Cryptic Darkenmage joined the legions of Chaos in search of loot and glory. He clawed his way up the ranks to captain and was given command of a company of legionnaires. He dreamed of rising higher, perhaps one day serving in the Ascendency at Silus of the Rift’s right hand.

Instead, he found himself assigned to the armpit of Praetoria, Stonetown in the Drybone Badlands, where he and his legionnaires were tasked with enforcing the empire’s will among the Drybone Anarchists. Taxes, logistics, administration. It wasn’t what he signed up for.

Sick of the destruction wrought by the Chaos Empire–sick of obeying the orders of those lesser than him–Cryptic listened as whispers of rebellion swept through Stonetown. In the streets and taverns, he heard the rumors. And he waited for his opportunity to turn against the empire and teach them a lesson. You are that opportunity.

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