Kingdom of Duskforge

“In depth, strength.”


Hewn into a massive cavern in the Deep’s Lower Daigendark, the Kingdom of Duskforge is an absolute monarchy governed by the Duskforge clan and its Iron King or Queen, who exercise ultimate authority over all matters of governance, including administrative, judicial, and legislative affairs.

Merchants, emissaries, and other wayfarers of the kingdom rarely venture to the surface, for the way is long, hard, and fraught with peril. Instead, the citizens of Duskforge subsist almost entirely in the warrens of the Deep.


Iron Crown

The Iron Crown is not only a literal crown—wrought of iron and inlaid with rich gemstones—but also the kingdom’s governing body. Under the supreme autocratic power of the Iron King or Queen, the Iron Crown is responsible for the governance, military command, economic stability, and cultural preservation of the kingdom.

It comprises the thanes of Duskforge’s most powerful clans.

  • The thane of the Grayhammer Clan oversees the production of weapons and armor, spearheading innovation and ensuring the kingdom’s dominance both in arms trade and on the battlefield.

  • The thane of the Darkstone Clan oversees the construction, maintenance, and expansion of the kingdom’s infrastructure.

  • The thane of the Deepdelve Clan prioritizes locations for exploration, geological surveys, and the mining of mineral deposits and gemstone veins.

  • The thane of the Ironshadow Clan commands the kingdom’s military, the Duskguard.

  • The thane of the Blacklore Clan oversees the arts, education, and historical records.

  • The thane of the Ebontrade Clan is charged with oversight of the kingdom’s economic strategy, trade relations, and market regulations.

  • The thane of the Soulshade Clan serves as the High Priest of the Church of Thedan, God of Crafting.

  • The thane of the Tenebarcane Clan oversees the study and practice of magic, ensuring that arcane knowledge is not only preserved, but also advanced. They also work closely with the thane of the Ironshadow Clan to support the Duskguard with magic both defensive and offensive.


The Kingdom of Duskforge's economy is a powerhouse of mining, smithing, and magic. Within the depths of the Lower Daigendark, its dark dwarves mine for ores and gems and trundle them back to the kingdom’s gates, wherein its halls are lit by the flickering of forges and echo with the clangor of hammer on anvil as skilled artisans craft them into weapons, armor, jewelry, and magical artifacts. Their craft is a mixture of tradition and innovation, firmly entrenching Duskforge as a paragon in subterranean workmanship.



The Kingdom of Duskforge’s citizenry is composed almost exclusively of dark dwarves.


Most of Duskforge’s dark dwarves worship Thedan, God of Crafting, while a minority worship Lunaki, the Sister Moon Goddess.


Duskforge's culture is a reflection of its citizens: stoic, enduring, and rich in history. Their crafts, legends, and traditions are sacred, passed down from generation to generation through texts inscribed on ferrous tablets.

Behind a pair of towering iron gates, the kingdom’s primary fortress is carved into the wall of a massive cavern in the depths of the Lower Daigendark, a blend of rough hewn rock and intricately carved design that extends into a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers both natural and dwarven-made.

Literature is rich with epic sagas and wisdom, while philosophy centers on perseverance and mastery of craft. Music and storytelling go hand-in-hand, with deep choruses accompanied by the rhythmic beat of hammers.

The dark dwarves of Duskforge favor stews of mushrooms and root vegetables paired with dark ales fermented from subterranean strains of barley. Fried insects—primarily beetles and spiders—as well as the spiced meat of bats, fish, lizards, salamanders, and other beasts native to the Lower Daigendark are also staples.

Life in the Deep is precarious, and the threat of attack is ever-present. Consequently, sports and competitions tend to be a diversion from the martial nature of the dark dwarves’ existence rather than demonstrations of prowess in combat. Card and board games are highly popular, as are competitions involving crafting, dancing, singing, and the like. And, of course, drinking contests are always a favorite, regardless of the occasion.

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