Duratuk Nation

"Krugz'larak. Fists raised."


Originating from Draykh-Nahka, the Duratuk (/ˈdü-⟨r⟩æ-tük/) Nation is a confederacy of three nomadic tribal groups that ventured to Praetoria following the fall of the Wizards’ Veil. Its tribes have claimed the southern portion of the Central Fire’s Northern Highlands, wandering the rugged terrain and living a life defined by mobility and the rhythm of the seasons.

The nation’s only permanent city, Thrakatul, is nestled in the foothills of the Northern Agniavas and serves as a thriving hub for intertribal gatherings, vibrant markets, sacred ceremonies, heated martial contests, lively festivities, and more.


Elemental Fists

The Duratuk Nation is divided into three nomadic tribal groups known as the Elemental Fists. Each is distinct in its governance yet united under the umbrella of the Duratuk ethos.

  • Nazgarek is found in the southwestern portion of the Northern Highlands and is led by the head shaman of its tribes. It is comprised of the Sundered Soul Tribe, Forged Bone Tribe, Votix’s Rage Tribe, and Savage Spirit Tribe.

  • Grazg Batul is found in the south-central portion of the Northern Highlands and is led by the wisest of its tribes, as chosen by the tribal elders. It is comprised of the Gnarled Fist Tribe, Merciless Stone Tribe, and the Grimward Tribe.

  • Tenragaek is found in the southeastern portion of the Northern Highlands and is led by a warrior chieftain who must defend their position against challengers in single combat. It is comprised of the Obsidian Blade Tribe, Desert Blood Tribe, Warborn Tribe, Indomitable Will Tribe, and Crimson Fang Tribe.


From mountain minerals to valley herbs to highland beasts, the Duratuk are adept at using the land's abundant resources to survive. Every part of the fauna and flora is used, ensuring minimal waste and maintaining a harmonious relationship with the land. Artisans among the tribes use these resources to craft weaponry and attire, providing the tribes with the essentials for survival and warfare.

Thrakatul’s market is a kaleidoscopic confluence of intertribal exchanges. Tinctures, talismans, and an eclectic array of other wares are bartered and traded. Metals and gems are particularly coveted for their multifarious applications.

Meanwhile, raiding not only bolsters the economy but also serves a rite of passage for warriors of the Duratuk Nation. The spoils from these raids, including prisoners who fuel a thriving slave trade (as well as gladiator sports), are pivotal to the acquisition of resources unobtainable within the confines of the Duratuk’s Northern Highlands home.

Of the seven Praetorian coinages, Gloridax currency is the most prevalent among the tribes.



The Duratuk Nation is composed exclusively of jade orcs, although others can be found serving the tribes as slaves.


Votix, Goddess of War, is the patron deity of the Duratuk Nation. Other deities with a significant number of worshippers include:

  • The Brotherhood, Gods of Fellowship and Bounty

  • Mitreyya, Goddess of Might

  • Ulum, God of Destiny


Duratuk art is composed of harsh slashes, angles, and colors. It is a reflection of the timeless tales of valor, endurance, and reverence told of gods and heroes. Intricate tattoos chronicle stories of valor and spirituality. Structures are typically adapted to suit the Duratuk’s nomadic lifestyle, with an emphasis on functionality and mobility; each is adorned with symbols and carvings, narrating the history of its inhabitants and their descendants.

Literature is predominantly oral, with stories passed down through generations by elders and shamans to guide the tribes with the wisdom of their ancestors. These works are grounded in the concepts of indomitable courage, harmony with the land, and relentless might.

Performing arts are a visceral display of the Duratuk’s rich traditions and histories. Primal dances are accompanied by haunting drums and soulful melodies to create a deeply spiritual experience that some say transcends the corporeal realm.

Duratuk cuisine is robust and hearty. Game meat, seasoned with native herbs, is a staple. Berries and roots add flavor to these dishes, and each meal is a celebration of the land’s generosity. Potent brews made from the fermentation of fruits and grains are shared around roaring fires, a toast to the Duratuk’s gods, heroes, and homeland.

Given the Duratuk’s reverence for strength and valor, their love of gladiatorial combat can be of no surprise. Here, slaves and orcs alike prove their worth, often in mortal combat. Other competitions are tests of both physical prowess and spiritual alignment, and the ultimate honor is the title of Bak Marek, which is awarded to a single warrior among the tribes who best embodies their martial and spiritual ethos.

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