Kingdom of Thanaloria

"Nature's embrace."


Ensconced in the verdant western expanse of the Broken Lands’ Blackmoor Basin, the Kingdom of Thanaloria is a constitutional monarchy governed by the unique dual rule of the Lord and Lady of Thanalor. In the performance of their roles and responsibilities, each holds separate courts under the kingdom’s vibrant canopy.


The Lord of Thanalor, an elective position chosen from among the candidates of Thanaloria’s noble houses, ascends to the throne after a year of mourning that follows his predecessor’s passing. However, political maneuvering for the esteemed position begins much earlier, with the noble families rallying for public support and votes. The Lady of Thanalor, more commonly known as the Lady of the Glade, is a matrilineal position, with the previous Lady’s eldest daughter or closest female relative being the rightful successor.

Noble Houses

The noble houses of Thanaloria hold considerable influence in politics, diplomacy, and other affairs of the kingdom. The most powerful houses are:

  • The House of Glauren considers themselves the most eminent of the noble houses, with more of their candidates succeeding to Lord of Thanalor than any other house.

  • The House of Gol’eavas is the largest of the noble houses and governs more land than any other house.

  • The House of Morth’lana is steeped in the magical arts. It contains some of the most powerful sorcerers and sorceresses in all of Thanaloria. It is also considered the most inquisitive house and, in their thirst for knowledge, its nobles are of the few that travel beyond the borders of their kingdom.

  • Those of the House of Erulen are mostly priests and priestesses of Serathara, Goddess of the Wilderness. The first Lady of Thanalor was of this house.

  • The House of Arven’gileon is mostly highly skilled warriors and rangers and comprise the bulk of Thanaloria’s elven guard.

  • The House of Le’vanthil has a strong bond with the woodland creatures that dwell within the kingdom’s forest. Many of its nobles are beastmasters, able to communicate with and call upon these creatures in times of need.


Its vast, ancient forests are the foundation of the Kingdom of Thanaloria's economy. Towering trees, most thousands of years old, are treated with respect and reverence, and skilled foresters selectively fell them to ensure the woods' timeless cycle continues. From these, artisans craft exquisite bows, intricate furniture, and elegant musical instruments. Additionally, botanists and alchemists draw from the myriad flora to brew potent elixirs and poultices that are highly sought after both within the kingdom and beyond its borders.

Thanalorians tend to disdain minework. Subsequently, precious metals and gemstones comprise the majority of imports into the kingdom. With hands as deft as they are ageless, elven craftsfolk forge these treasures into pieces of unparalleled beauty. What truly sets Thanalorian jewelry apart, however, are the enchantments with which each piece is imbued, including protective wards, charms of allure, and even the ability to amplify the innate magics of the wearer.

The Kingdom of Thanaloria mints one of the many variations of Praetorian coinages, which serves as its primary medium of exchange.



The kingdom's populace is largely homogeneous and populated by high elves, whose ethereal grace matches the kingdom's natural beauty.


Most of Thanaloria’s high elves worship Serathara, Goddess of the Wilderness.


Thanalorian artistry and architecture draws from its surroundings, augmenting the woodland rather than imposing upon it. Buildings grow seamlessly from and around massive trees, with spires curving into the sky and mimicking the elegance of the forest. Paintings and sculptures tend to capture the fleeting moments of nature: the dance of leaves in the wind, the playful shimmer of fey lights, or the silent watch of a majestic owl.

Literature intertwines tales of age-old heroes, fey legends, and the ever-turning cycle of the seasons. Philosophical treatises delve into the relationship between nature, magic, and the soul. Libraries in Thanaloria are grand and resplendent, with spacious interiors for quiet, tranquil reflection surrounded by towering shelves lined with scrolls and tomes, both ancient and modern.

Music is ethereal and harmonious. Lutes and flutes often accompany the dances of elves and their kindred fey. Artistic performances retell ancient tales, with actors harnessing magic to create illusions and dramatic effects to add a layer of realism that leaves audiences spellbound.

The cuisine of Thanaloria is a tantalizing blend of the familiar and the mystical. Meals often consist of delicately spiced game, rich fruit-jelly pastries, and sparkling beverages that tingle with a hint of enchantment. The most sought-after treat, however, is moonlit nectar—a wine brewed from grapes grown in starlight and dew harvested from certain rare flowers. Moonlit nectar is said to grant visions of the fey plane.

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