“Fidelity in fealty.”


In the northern fringes of the Wild Northeast’s Northeast Machair, the autocratic Pimniq stands as a symbol of unwavering authority under its chieftain's rule, which is absolute and unchallenged. It traces its origins to the coasts and interior territories of Azmare's frozen ice fields.


In Pimniq, power concentrates in the hands of the chieftain, whose decisions stand beyond the reach of legal constraints or popular influence. The chieftain delegates authority to elders, veteran warriors, and shamans. This governance structure, while centralized, taps into the collective wisdom and experience of the chieftain's advisors to navigate the intricate dynamics of governance, geopolitical relations, and environmental challenges.


Pimniq's prosperity is carved from the land itself. Master sculptors transform ice into both practical wares and breathtaking artistry for sale and trade. Fishing vessels trawl the Colossus Ocean to harvest the bounties of the deep, ensuring Pimniq’s larders remain full.

Shaman imbue tokens and talismans with elemental magic said to be gifted from Ulum—God of Destiny—himself. Alchemists craft boons and banes using herbs native to the Northeast Machair. Mining also plays a vital role in Pimniq’s economy; ice and aggregates are carved from the earth for use in construction, while metals and precious minerals are excavated for craft and trade.

Pimniq mints one of the many variations of Azmarean currency that serve as the primary medium of exchange in the Wild Northeast.



Pimniq’s citizenry is composed almost exclusively of marine gnomes.


Most of the Pimniq pay tribute to Ulum, God of Destiny.


The art and survival of the Pimniq intertwine in the stark landscape of the Northeast Machair. Architecture is a testament to the resilience of its citizenry, with abodes hewn from ice and stone, and the ice statuaries that adorn plazas and squares honor Ulum and legends of old.

History is an oral anthology passed down from generation to generation, while philosophy is a pragmatic blend of survival wisdom and respect for the elements that both sustain and challenge life in the icy climes. Meanwhile, traditional dances consist of stomping and gyrating to rhythmic beats and haunting melodies played by lute, flute, and drum.

Pimniq’s hearty dishes are spicy and served hot. Staples include fermented fish, rich stews, and the rare treat of icaenia berries.

Sports are contests of endurance and skill in which fighters showcase their strength, rangers their accuracy, and casters their magical might. Tests of survival in the harsh terrain of the machair are also popular.

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