Siege of Solace

You’re still mourning the loss of Commander Goff when the famous battle mage, Lorkus, informs you the legions of Chaos have besieged Solace in an attempt to retake the city. Your mage wagons and cards have already been deployed in its defense, but they’re not enough. Lorkus has a plan, though. If he can convince the dwarves of Grimbardun to deploy their army in defense of Solace, the city might just be saved. But he’ll need your help to do it.

He was your mentor, your friend. Now gone. No time to mourn. The famous battle mage, Lorkus, informs you the legions of Chaos have besieged Solace. But he has a plan. Convince the dwarves of Grimbardun to deploy their army and defend the city. The journey will be long and hard. And what will convince the dwarves to abandon their neutrality? There is no other option, though. Without your help, Solace is lost. So, what'll it be, battle mage?

The Silver Shield has vanquished Venka the Vile and her battalion of Chaos orcs. Alas, Commander Gregory Goff gave his life to save his knights. Avina of the Wolf assumes command in his stead. You'd like nothing better than to stay and help her rebuild, but that's not in the cards.

The great halls of the Kingdom of Grimbardun follow the seams of precious metals and minerals deep beneath the Northern Agniavas. The Chaos Empire sought these riches, but the mountain dwarves closed their gates and reinforced their defenses. When the legions attacked, the kingdom refused to fall. Eventually, Silus of the Rift called off the siege. As long as the stunties remained holed up in their caves, there was no need for more legionnaires to die.

And so the dwarves of Grimbardun shut themselves off from the world, indifferent to the atrocities committed outside their halls. But while Silus had chosen to preserve the combat power of his legions, it turned out that certain splinters of his Host had no compunctions about dying en masse.

In the subterranean caverns deepest beneath Grimbardun, its dwarven laborers—miners, ranchers, gardeners, and harvesters—began to disappear. Just a few at first. Then more. And more. Dalthin Ironhood and his company of fighters were tasked to protect those that remained and find the ones who had gone missing. He hoped to find them alive, and when he did, he wished he had found them dead.

They came shambling up from the Deep, infected with mycelial corruption—skin mottled with fungal growth, toadstools sprouting in clusters across their bodies, eyes clouded, movements erratic and jerky. Dalthin and his company of fighters fought them off while the laborers fled. Although the dwarves were victorious, many fell to that ponderous, mycelial advance, and Dalthin knew they would return.

And return they did.

He told the Council of Elders that a company wasn't enough. They gave him a battalion. And when that wasn't enough, a brigade.

Dalthin Ironhood continues to fight back the tide of mycelia that rises from the Deep, and Queen Mycelia continues to send her endless brood against them. The dwarves are losing ground. Gardens and ranches have been lost. Water sources and food supplies are dwindling.

Still, the gates of Grimbardun remain shut.

The dwarves have their hands full defending the kingdom from the Mycelic Brood. They won't spare their forces. But if you can put an end to Queen Mycelia, the brood will lose its collective consciousness and cease its beleaguerment of Grimbardun.

That done, you'll need to convince the dwarves' high king to send his army against the legions of Chaos that lay siege to Solace. Attack their rear guard, fight toward the city's gates, and pray the Gloridax spill out and join the fray.

But the empire has a few tricks up its sleeve, too.

When it comes to transmutation, Tenni Mayla is something of a prodigy. Using nothing but a bit of magic and a wrench, she can build and animate mighty golems capable of great heaps of destruction.

Tenni was rather fond of the tyranny and oppression that the Chaos Empire brought when it conquered the Splinterlands but figured she'd rather be on the giving than receiving end. Now, she uses her arcane craftsmanship in service to the empire, whether it be crushing revolts or stomping out insurgents—often quite literally.

The formidable chaos golems are her pride: a blend of magic and mechanics that serve her and the Chaos Empire as voiceless, tireless, and highly lethal sentinels.

Now, Tenni and her golems march on Solace to join the empire's siege. Let there be no mistake: they'll make short work of the city's walls, and once those fall, so too will the Dragonsguard and all the rest.

The fate of the Gloridax's rebellion rests on your shoulders, but thankfully, you don't have to carry it alone.

You have Lorkus at your side.

After graduating from Waur Medge, Lorkus rose to the top of the Arena Games, dominating the Champion League. But a run-in with an ogre nearly ended his life. It left him crippled, and his career came to a screeching halt.

Rather than surrender to his fate, he began training and financing other promising battle mages with the skill but not the means to compete at the highest levels.

Now, with the Splinterlands under the thumb of the Chaos Empire, Lorkus and his protégés work to undermine the edicts of their overlords.

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