"Ah, you ask of splinters, my friend? Now, that's a term that carries the weight of our world. A splinter, you see, is the essence of who we are. It’s the fabric of our allegiances and the root of our conflicts.

"Each splinter is a host unified under a banner, from the grand kingdoms and empires that shape our horizons to the orders and guilds that operate in the shadows or by the light of faith. They are the pulse of our lands, the ties that bind us together, and the schisms that pull us apart.

“You may identify with your neighbors in a humble village, as a citizen of a sprawling city-state, as a soldier in the army of an empire, or with a guild of thieves or order of monks; that's your splinter.

“It's the tales we tell, the songs we sing, the heroes we cheer, and the foes we scorn. It's the common spirit that unites us with our kin and the shared story that stretches through generations.

“So, when someone speaks of a splinter, they speak of more than just a name, a place, or a group of individuals. They speak of history, of identity, of a thousand stories woven into the tapestry of the Splinterlands. And whether we choose to uphold the honor of our own splinter or walk a path alone, it's the splinters that make us who we are and shape our destinies in this world we call home."

A splinter is a group united by a shared culture, identity, or goal.

They thrive in environments marked by strife, where the scramble for resources, influence, or sheer survival takes precedence. Members of a splinter unite to counter the threats looming over their shared ambitions, forging bonds of unity in response to, or in spite of, the turmoil.

However, not all splinters are born of conflict. They can also focus on peaceful endeavors, be they commerce, religion, or other benign shared interests. Still, their circumstances often teem with challenges that must be surmounted.

It has been over five years since the Chaos Legion conquered the Splinterlands. Every major splinter has bended its knee to Silus of the Rift and his Ascendency. The empires, kingdoms, nations, and city-states of the Splinterlands now fall under the Legion’s Kalamenty System.

However, the Riftwatchers and other members of the resistance continue to foment defiance in the face of oppression. Hope is born on whispers in dark alleys, shadowy corners, and secret hideaways.

A spark that ignites a fire. A fire that becomes an inferno. An inferno that consumes an empire.

Vonak: together, we rise.

World Powers

  • There is only one: the Chaos Empire and its Kalamenty System

Sovereign Splinters of Praetoria

Subjugated Splinters of Praetoria








Minor Splinters

Numerous minor splinters are scattered across Praetoria. Learn more about them here.

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